How to Pronounce British Names

Pronunciation of British names

I once loved a maiden so comely,

Whose name was Alicia Cholmondeley,

But shortly my thoughts and my dreams

Were wandering to Wendolia Wemyss,

And soon my poor heart rose with leaps

To the bait of Delicia Pepys,

And next I was lying in pawn

To the charms of Felicia Strachan,

Who proved but a faithless deceiver

And left me to Adelaide Belvoir,

Then ere long I implored as a boon

The hand of fair Margery Mohun,

Too soon to be laid on the coals

By the love of Elizabeth Knollys,

Who caused me to swear like a trooper

Till I met with my Madeline Cowper.

She taught me her charms were a myth,

So I wedded a plain Mary Smith.