From 1907 - frustration with irregular verbs

A POETIC LOOK AT LANGUAGE: This poem taken from the Boston Transcript is a humorous look at some of the foibles of the English language. It's title is "Our Terrible Tongue": You take a swim, You say you've swum; Your nails you trim, But they're not trum; And milk you skim Is never skum.

When words you speak, Those words are spoken; But a nose you tweak Is never twoken; Nor can you seek And say you've soken.

A top you spin, The top is spun; A hare you skin, Yet 'tis not skun; Nor can a grin Be ever grun.

If we forget Then we've forgotten; But if we bet We haven't botten; No house we let Is ever lotten; What we upset Is not upsotten; Now don't these prove Our language rotten?