Where did that come from? Falconry!


Meaning in falconry

Derived meaning

In a bate Bating: trying to fly off when tethered In a panic
With bated breath Bated: tethered, unable to fly free Restrained and focused by expectation
Fed up Of a hawk, with its crop full and so not wanting to hunt No longer interested in something
Hawked it up The sound of a hawk expelling the indigestible parts of a meal Clearing phlegm from the throat
Haggard Of a hawk, caught from the wild when adult Looking exhausted and unwell, in poor condition; wild or untamed
Under his/her thumb the hawk's feet when pinned by the thumb Tightly under control
Wrapped round his/her little finger Of the hawk's leash when wrapped round the little finger Tightly under control
Lure Originally a device used to recall hawks. The hawks, when young, were trained to associate the device (usually a bunch of feathers) with food. To tempt with a promise/reward/bait
Rouse To shake one's feathers Stir or awaken
Pounce Referring to a hawk's claws, later derived to refer to birds springing or swooping to catch prey Jump forward to seize or attack something
To turn tail Fly away To turn and run away