Welcome the Refugees

What a gift the refugees are giving us! What a compliment they have paid us to want to come to Western Europe. After years of war, hanging on grimly, they have given up and linked with the meme to escape. They have decided to uproot themselves from their culture and donate their energy to Germany, Scandinavia, Britain and France. After a period of settling down, the drive and initiative of young immigrants will boost the economy of the countries they live in. They will bring their own rich culture to help us understand there are many ways to live.

Meanwhile, all the rules and regulations created in more stable times cannot cope with the flood. Can we not simplify the rules and use modern methods for a modern problem such as handing out cards with chips and letting them register in their own time? Let the water find its own level instead of manipulating it. Can we be less defensive and afraid? Can we stop beating people because they are on our “territory”? It is not possible to regulate such an immigration, so we have to allow and contain but not control.

European countries assume that refugees will enter and stay, but when Libya, Afghanistan and Syria find a level of peace, a great number of refugees will go home.

Fear is again apparent in the statements saying that ISIL members are mixing with the genuine refugees. But perhaps they are genuine refugees fleeing ISIL.

The long discussion on whether Turkey is part of Europe will be obviated by this mass migration as Europe and the Middle East blend and share values. It’s not the end of European values – it’s a time of change.

Perhaps a meme was in the air 50,000 years ago encouraging Africans to leave, explore and go as far as they could. I suspect it won’t have happened over a couple of years but we live in an age that is speeded up and on a greater scale.

While the refugees’ countries of origin are being depleted, Europe is the beneficiary.

Keep calm and welcome them.