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PTO Editing was set up in 1999 to serve editing, research and writing needs. There is such a need for correctly written documents, papers, brochures and articles that the company has undertaken a wide variety of work. One particular need is from writers who speak English as a second language. The company focuses on deadlines but at no time are high standards sacrificed.

Top shelf English.


Why do you need an editor?

There is no shortage of good writers in the world. The difference in being a good writer and a great writer, is an editor. 

Editors can give advice on writing style, flow, grammar and tone of voice. They can see overarching themes in the work, and suggest changes to create more meaningful communications. 

A good editor will act as a sounding board and help your writing to achieve a clearer, more effective, meaning. 


Editing is a way of combing through your text and taking out all the things you hadn’t noticed such as repetition, disagreements of the grammatical kind and the inevitable typos. It also involves suggesting perhaps wider or more precise vocabulary; guiding you away from wordiness; using a tone more appropriate to your audience. The deeper you go, the more you find so it moves from copy editing (correction) to substantive editing (rethinking) to proofreading (final checking).

Rate: $40.00 / hour

Proof Reading

When you think your book has been thoroughly polished, it’s time to polish it again. We go over every dot and comma, spacing and placing, checking for accuracy and consistency – the key to it all. Then it’s ready to take to the printer or send to the publisher. When the proof copy comes back, it’s time for more polishing.

Rate: $40.00 / hour 


If you know what you want to write but lack confidence, tell us your ideas and we’ll help you create a framework that sets you on the path. Then we can work together to modify as you go along so that you reach your goal.

Rate: $40.00 / hour

"PTO Editing is a joy to work with. Efficient, thoughtful & thorough."

- Anna Clark, @BluntCrayonCreative

Web Edit

We can take your text and turn it into something everyone can understand. There’s no need for spelling mistakes that alienate your audience but there is a need for good clean writing that gets attention and spreads the message. You need to be appreciated for your professionalism. That’s where we come in.

Rate: $40.00 / hour

Design & Layout

PTO Press takes delight in designing beautiful books from outside to in. It’s important to show readers how you care about creating an excellent product, so the cover must set the tone. Once they have picked the book off the shelf, the layout, appropriate font, white space and illustrations reinforce the professional impression. The presentation sets the mood and the content will be enhanced by the designer’s skill.

Rate: $40.00 / hour 


We are all hunters and gatherers at heart and these skills come into play when we need to research. Luckily, the internet is at our disposal these days but so are archives and newspaper files, out of print books and the resources of institutions. We will guide and help.

Rate: $40.00 / hour

Book an Editor

or request a quote. We are happy to review your manuscript and provide a one page sample edit.